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We also have Kid Sized 50 Caliber Paintball guns!             Use a Printable Invitation!
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So Now We have Both! Choose from 68 or 50 Caliber Rentals!

Kid Friendly 50 Caliber Paintball Guns

Less Weight and Less Sting!

Our customers have been getting younger and younger. But up until now, some of the little kids did not want to play paintball because they were worried it would sting too much when they got hit. But with the advent of the 50 caliber paintball guns, this has all changed!

These guns shoot a smaller paintball, in fact, the 50 caliber paintball guns vs the standard 68 caliber paintball guns is about one third the weight. Our guns are all tuned in to a set speed, and so now, even though it's traveling at the same speed, this paintball has about one third the impact when it hits someone. In actual lab testing, it was showed that they transfer only 5 joules of energy versus over 13 joules of energy for the standard size paintball.

50 caliber paintball guns Lab testing is one thing, but we wanted to see what the kids thought, so we got in a dozen of the 50 caliber paintball guns and tested them for a few weeks with the toughest judges we could find... 6, 7, and 8 year old kids! And they loved them! Not only do the hits sting less, but the 50 caliber paintball guns are much easier for them to carry. You can see from the picture to the right that the 50 caliber gun (on the top) uses a much smaller tank. Because it takes less energy to get the smaller paintball moving, the tank can be a fraction of the size, and yet, the small tank on the 50 caliber paintball gun will shoot more paintballs that the big heavy tank on the 68 caliber!

So if you have some little ones that want to play, feel free to bring them on by, and we'll let them hold and shoot one of the new 50 caliber guns to see how they like it! And we now run special games of just 50 caliber kids! We won't let your little one go out there against some high school kids with the bigger guns. They'll play just with other kids using the paintballs and guns designed for less weight and less sting.

And you don't have to be under 10 to use the 50 caliber. We've had lots of corporate groups choose the 50 caliber as well. Any group that is large enough to run their own games (16 or more) can opt for the 50 caliber guns, even if you're not little tikes!

50 Caliber is just one more reason why GatSplat Indoor Paintball is the number one destination for kids paintball birthday parties and now makes for a very Safe Paintball Environment!

Some recent groups using 50 Cal (click to enlarge)


Because we've had some people ask about 50 caliber paintball guns, here is a link to some different options. The ones we are using are the Spyder Opus, but there are other ones available for you. Click the image to check them out!

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